CirQlar Power, LLC (formerly Wright Innovations) has developed a breakthrough internal combustion engine.  The cirQlar™ engine is projected to offer remarkable enhancements over all other internal combustion technology, including:

1.      Dramatic increase in horsepower and torque
2.      50% + increase in fuel efficiency
3.      60% + reduction in engine weight
4.      40% + reduction in engine parts
5.      50% + reduction in engine size
6.      Engine is both modular and scalable in design
7.      Capable of running a full menu of carbon based fuels

The key and unique attribute of the cirQlar™ engine is its exclusive piston orbit.  As the name indicates, the pistons travel in an efficient continuous circular path, rather than an exhaustive back-and-forth reciprocating motion.  The elimination of all reciprocating motion and the power robbing typical valve system results in a significant amount of parasitic force eradication.  In addition, the design allows for an amazingly longer torque arm, improving the overall mechanical advantage.  In short, the cirQlar™ engine’s impressive increase in torque, combined with the elimination of parasitic forces, offers a dramatic improvement in power generation.  The engine can utilize a host of carbon based fuels, and can be sized for use in the smallest (power equipment) to largest (automotive and power generation) applications.

The cirQlar™ engine is a reality – it is a design that has already been built and fired. 

"Due to the proprietary nature of Wright Innovations, LLC's developments and inventions, all initial contacts and inquiries require an email to the company. Additional contact information for Wright Innovations, LLC can be supplied upon receipt of the email inquiry."